Our Process

Red Branch Outdoor Living

A consistent process to produce unique projects that create seamless transitions between indoors and outdoor and will impress your guests.

Our process is broken into 5 main steps that can take between 3 – 8+ months to complete. Seems like a long time (we know), but our process shows how your dream can become a reality. Don’t forget… We only accept 6 new clients per MONTH.

Process Breakdown

* Timelines may vary based on project complexity and size

a. Schedule an introductory call – 20 min

We’ll discuss what you are looking to have done, your timeline for the project, your budget, and answer any of your immediate questions.

b. On-Site Project Consultation – 60 min

We’ll continue the conversation to make sure we understand your project properly and answer any of your remaining questions about us. Our goal at the end of this meeting is to know if we want to work together.

c. Sign Design Agreement and Make Design Deposit

We apply all design payments toward the cost of construction.

a. Due Diligence

Site Analysis: We’ll take comprehensive measurements of your property and chart your existing utilities.

Additional Professional Services: Soil tests, legal surveys, septic mapping, and other services are sometimes required. These services are billed separately and are not applicable to the Build Fee.

b. Round 1 Design

– Proposal with pricing
– Could include 3D modeling depending on the package ordered

d. Final Design Meeting

Finalize the design for your project and view the Construction Agreement

– Your refined sketch
– Complimentary 3D model (varies per package)
– Construction Agreement
– Additional Design Help
– Need to make substantial changes? No problem! Additional rounds of revisions will be billed as outlined in the Design Agreement.

e. Sign Construction Agreement and Make First Project Payment

Typical project deposits are 25% of the total project cost (less Design/Proposal Fee)

a. Detailed Construction Plans

A full set of construction details will be created for all structures of your project.

b. Personalized Material Selection

We’ll collaborate with you to make all the essential selections for your project. We offer guided vendor tours with Red Branch Outdoor Living, where we explore material options and gather samples together when applicable.

c. HOA & Permitting

Our documents have been designed to provide all of the information required by your HOA and we’re happy to field any further questions they may have. Additionally, Red Branch Outdoor Living will handle all permitting required for your project.

d. Scheduling

1. We will begin scheduling construction as soon as the Construction Agreement is signed. Start dates are a function of the HOA and permitting process, material and product availability, and our existing construction schedule.

2. Through the preparation phase, we will touch base with you weekly on progress.

e. Pre-Construction Meeting

Prior to construction, we will help you prepare for our arrival. We will conduct a meeting to walk you through our pre-construction checklist, explain what to expect during construction, and answer any remaining questions you may have.

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a. Weekly Progress Updates

1. Rough project schedule
2. What we completed during the week
3. What we plan to complete next week
4. Anything you need to be aware of
5. Answer any questions you may have

b. Progress Payments

A progress payment schedule will be outlined in the Construction Agreement and is project specific.

c. Project Completion

It’s almost time for you to enjoy your new space! We will review your Red Branch Outdoor Living Maintenance Guide and our warranty process.

Your New Outdoor Living Space is Here! Imagine a special haven just steps away, where laughter and cherished moments shine, and the sun lifts your spirits. Whether it’s relaxing weekends or exciting gatherings, your stunning outdoor space becomes your personal oasis of beauty and leisure. Let’s make your dreams a reality!

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Still In The Planning Phase?

We’ve created some free resources to help you through the planning process or check our FAQs for common questions.