Project Info

  • Title : Woodland Drive
  • Customer : Trevor and Sam

Clients: Trevor and Sam

Features: Outdoor Kitchen, Fireplace, 28×20 Custom Pavilion, Zoned Lighting

Materials: Painted Concrete Board, Stained Tongue and Groove Ceiling, Painted Brick Veneer, Granite Countertops, Wood Mantel, Stainless Steel 

 Trevor and Sam enhanced their home with a multifunctional outdoor living space that perfectly blends functionality and style. The project included a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, a cozy fireplace with ample seating, a spacious custom pavilion, and strategically zoned lighting, all made from high-quality materials such as painted concrete board, stained ceiling, painted brick veneer, granite countertops, and a wood mantel. These features were designed to maximize views of the golf course while providing a comfortable area for cooking, entertaining, and watching their children play. 

Despite challenges in integrating the new structures with the existing home style, the construction was executed flawlessly, resulting in a stunning outdoor area that has significantly enhanced their lifestyle and increased their property value. Trevor and Sam are thrilled with the transformation, which now serves as the heart of their home for relaxation and social gatherings.

  • Photography credit to Laura Rowe