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Beautiful Building Materials

Looking for an outdoor kitchen builder? Red Branch Outdoor Living can help you with the construction and bring the party outside! Outdoor kitchens should feel like an extension of your home. It’s an all-new space to serve guests, entertain, cook, BBQ, and enjoy the outdoors with people who mean the most to you. Visualize a shaded area to prepare food, share drinks, or catch up with friends and family. This is what it’s all about and that’s why we love to build outdoor kitchens. Making time to relax and unwind is valuable, we can help make it great!

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The Experience

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Outdoor kitchens can have a wide array of features. The list is endless. However, after interviewing many owners who already had outdoor kitchens, they found these to be the very most important to them.

  • Large cooktop
  • Electrical outlets 
  • Built-in Grill or griddle
  • Sink with running water
  • Ice maker 
  • Space for a smoker
  • Shade covering
  • Bar or countertop space
  • Storage space for cooking utensils

Indoor kitchens are focused on functionality, but outdoor kitchens are all about the fun! Share your ultimate outdoor experience with us so we can design and build the space of your dreams.

Why Choose Us?

Our product is great, but our service is even better. We don’t use special bricks, but we do walk you through the design, buy, build process, and make it simple. Red Branch Outdoor Living stands behind our craftsmanship and is there for you, to answer questions and provide confidence. Outdoor kitchens are a large investment in your home. You can have trust in that investment with Red Branch Outdoor Living.

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How much does an outdoor kitchen cost?

We’ll cut right to the chase: this pressing question has no single answer. In fact, the answers are theoretically endless! You see, outdoor kitchens are exceedingly customizable projects loaded with so many variables that no two will ever be exactly alike!

We’ve managed to narrow down the price range of outdoor kitchens a bit, but we presume it’s still not quite as specific as you were hoping. Instead of presenting wide price ranges for all types of outdoor kitchens and calling it a day, we thought it best to give you more clear-cut estimates based on the amount of components included in the project. That way, you can see which of the 3 tiers we’ve created aligns most closely with your wants and budget, then start setting realistic expectations for costs.

The Weekender
Included in this price range is a 6-foot kitchen using concrete counter tops and base with a 32-inch gas grill and access panel. 

The Cooking Enthusiast
Included in this price range is a 10-foot kitchen using concrete counter tops and base with a 32-inch gas grill, double side burner, undercounter fridge and a access panel with storage.

The Ultimate 
Included in this price range is a 9 X 9 L-shaped kitchen using concrete counter tops and base with a 42-inch gas grill, smoker, side burner, undercounter fridge, sink, and 2 access panels with storage.

Other Services

Sheds are fun projects for us. We understand the need for storage and order for your outdoor equipment. Let’s build the perfect shed together!

We strive to make your patio building experience the absolute best! Not all patios are equal, and not all experiences are the same. We take our time to get it right.